About StemmaStudy

Learning Makes Us Who We Are

Despite all our varied interests, passions, and dreams, we all have one thing in common. Whether we strive to be Doctors, Lawyers, Programmers, or CEOs, learning is what gets us there. It is the process by which we all can make something of ourselves.

We believe that technology can help us make this process better. So, we're developing tools that help you understand more, forget less, and reach even your most ambitious goals.

Making Ideas Come Together

Ideas don't exist by themselves. We can't say we truly understand something until we know how each concept fits into the overall big-picture.

StemmaStudy Connected Flashcards help you connect the dots. Linking flashcards together helps make sense of what you are learning so that you remember more. Then, leveraging the proven power of spaced repetition and the testing effect, we make sure you never forget it.

What's Next?

We're not resting on our laurels. We're here to improve learning.

Here are some ways we are looking to improve:

  • More ways to sort, search, and filter to find the cards you want to see.
  • Learn together. We want to enable you to share your sets with your friends and the world.
  • User interface and process improvements to make StemmaStudy easier to use.

If you have feedback or suggestions for how we can make StemmaStudy better, please let us know.

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