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Forget flashcards as you know them. Connected Flashcards help you learn and remember by connecting ideas, discovering gaps in your understanding, and efficiently reviewing the concepts you struggle with the most.

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How To Study Smarter

I have never seen any other platform that does what StemmaStudy does in using flashcards in an organized way that will permit students to develop a schema for the material.

Henry L. Roediger III

coauthor of Make It Stick

From the perspective of helping people learn, this seems like a great way to do it. I've seen a lot of smart flashcard apps and this is the first time I remember seeing one where you can map out the relationships between topics/cards.

Nate Kornell

associate professor of cognitive psychology at Williams College

How it Works

Connect the Dots.

Discover the big picture – one connection at a time. Creating connections helps you:

  • Find and bridge gaps in your understanding.
  • Integrate new concepts into your existing knowledge.
  • Gain top-down understanding from bottom-up facts.
  • Create mental "hooks" to help remember concepts.

Maintain Strong Memories.

StemmaStudy uses the tried-and-true method of Spaced Repetition to help you:

  • Study the concepts you find most difficult more often.
  • Efficiently space study to take advantage of your brain's natural memory processes.
  • Maximize memory retention over the long-term.

Concentrate Your Effort Where It Matters.

StemmaStudy Assessments help you:

  • See your performance on each card in context of the big picture.
  • Focus on poor-performing cards related to the cards you know well.
  • Plan your future learning efforts based on the results.


Create Sets

Stay organized by splitting your flashcards for study into groups by topic, class, book, or chapter.

Link Flashcards Together

No concept exists on its own – link each one to others to learn the relationships, as well.

Spaced Repetition

StemmaStudy automatically schedules your review of concepts based on how well you know them.

Get Notifications to Review

Never forget with optional reminders to review sent straight to your inbox.

See the Big Picture

Organize your flashcards in a diagram that helps you gain deeper understanding of the material.

Visualize your Knowledge

Take assessments and view how concepts you missed are related to concepts you know.

Use Rich Text

Add bold, bullet points, italics, links, and more to your flashcards as you see fit.

Use Images

Attach images within the text of your flashcards to show examples or learn visual concepts.


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